BYOB MOVEMENT helps consumers position themselves for the most important financial investments in their life.

Better Credit

Better Credit
  • Qualify for a loan to purchase a home if you’re a renter
  • Get approved for lower car payments when you’re buying
  • Start a business and get the funding you need
  • Pay lower insurance premiums and little to no deposits
  • Save more money by paying little to no interest EVER AGAIN

Financial Literacy

Financial Education
  • A guide to wealth building and making solid financial decisions
  • Learn more about finances than you were ever taught in school
  • Begin to learn the language of money and building wealth
  • Learn how to leave debt, save money, and start investing like a pro
  • Access to a basic understanding of investments and how they work

Money Manager

Money Manager
  • Get focused on your future financial goals
  • View all your credit card, loan, and bank accounts in one place
  • Never miss a payment again with payment alerts
  • Easily plan your budget and spending
  • See where your money is going and take control

When you enroll in the PREMIUM CREDIT PLAN...

You get EVERYTHING you need to start improving your personal credit scores!
  • Credit Building Resources
  • Access to Primary User Tradelines
  • Access to Credit Attorneys
  • Access to Debt Collection Attorneys
  • Daily Credit Monitoring
  • 3 Monthly Bureau / 3 Score Report
  • Text & Email Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Credit Score Tracker
  • Credit Score Builder Planner
  • Credit Score Master Simulator
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • $1 Million Fraud Insurance
  • Wealth Building Guide
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Live Customer Service
  • Online Money Manager
  • Complimentary Credit Education & Restoration
  • Up to 3 Non-Credit Dispute Letters sent Monthly
* The enrollment into BYOB MOVEMENT service does not guarantee certain results. BYOB MOVEMENT is a consulting company that provides education, tools, and software to educate consumers on their financial status. Please be advised, consumer results may vary.

** PLEASE NOTE: BYOB MOVEMENT does not sell or take money to deliver credit repair services. BYOB MOVEMENT helps customers by offering the features detailed above, helping customers analyze their credit reports, provide education on what they could do to potentially improve their credit, and offer complimentary document services with an active membership of the Premium Credit Plan.

$169.99 Enrollment Fee + $109 per month

$169.99 Enrollment Fee
+ $109 per month


We could go on and on about how great our services are. Instead, we would rather let you hear from real people with real results.

BYOB has made improving my credit a very easy process. I lead a VERY busy life and enjoy being hands off when it comes to this, but love the idea that at any time I can log on & see the progress happening.
- Cbella M
I love BYOB because it has helped me a lot financially and spiritually. It also helped me managing my finances , raising my credit score up and do get out of debt. It prepared me to expect the unexpected in life and allow me to be a source of help to others. This is a God sent opportunity that you don't wanna miss!
- Kamarsha K
BYOB's Premium Plan is definitely worth it! My credit score went from 0-603 in 3 months! You will not be disappointed.
- Zemeriah M
BYOB Movement is awesome! They are helping me learn about fixing my credit. It's been less than a month and already 2 things deleted. My score is up almost a hundred points!
- Jonathan R
BYOB is an excellent solution for tackling the problem that is reeking havoc on our society... financial illiteracy! We are suffering due to debt and our inability to win in the money game. Sue has the answers for those that choose to listen and escape the bondage of poor credit, lack of a budget, and little to know savings!
- Joseph B
I love everyone at BYOB. The support team is amazing and makes the process so easy. This service helped me so much. My credit score jumped from a 558 to a 712 and still improving! I definitely recommend BYOB Movement!!!
- Sophia L
BYOB Movement has been life changing. I started out with an all time low credit score of 485. I had a secure credit card that seemed like it was taking forever to increase my score. When I started my credit journey with BYOB, it opened up more doors than one. I was able to increase my credit score in a matter of 6 months from 485 to 720 which further put me in a position to purchase my first fix and flip property. BYOB can transform your lifestyle in ways you can’t begin to imagine.
- Altanese W
Excellent customer service. Positive results almost instantly. The keep you well informed.
- Dannie R
I would recommend BYOB's Credit Plan because it truly has helped me cleaned my credit and make necessary repairs. I'm a few steps closer to buying a home because within a few months my credit score has went up over 100 points.
- Tasheia Z
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