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Why Establish a Trust?


  • Too Much Red Tape
  • Corporate Veil Piercing
  • Public Information Vulnerability
  • Must Be Probated
  • Registered With Secretary of State
  • Expensive To Maintain
  • Not Litigation Proof
  • Principal Owners At Risk
  • Subject to Heavy Taxation


  • Easy to Establish/Maintain
  • Corporate Veil Protection
  • Increases Business Privacy
  • Eliminates Corporate Veil Risk
  • State-to-State Portability
  • Reduces Litigation Costs
  • Relief from Franchise Taxes and State Fees
  • Avoids Probate
  • Unique Tax Benefits


  • Avoids Prenuptial Contracts
  • Safeguards Personal Assets
  • Onshore Alternative to Offshore Options
  • Asset Divestiture
  • Invests Anonymously
  • Simplifies Banking
  • Foreign-National Friendly
  • Extremely Private
  • Income Tax Deferment

Recognizing Illegal Tax Avoidance Schemes

There are a large number of illegal tax avoidance schemes in existence today. They are typically promoted with the promise of reducing or eliminating income and other types of taxes. It's important to avoid them, while ensuring your assets are secured by an effective, yet legal asset protection tool.

Trust Types

TrustUp products are designed to deliver the most value to our clients. As the greatest privacy and safety can be achieved through interconnected trust instruments, the savings and the benefits of TrustUp products are a sensible and attractive option.


Secure Your Legacy
The Family Trust is the foundation of all Trust structures and contains the most power and security. Benefits Include: protection from litigation, elimination of probate, tax relief, removal from the ‘public eye’.


Enhance Your Business
This structure includes at least two Trusts (1-Business, 1-Family). It functions as a passthrough for business income and works alongside existing corporate structures to enhance privacy and reduce liability.


Empower Your Mission
This structure includes two Trusts (1-Charitable, 1-Family). This is the perfect alternative to the traditional non-profit organization (501c3). This structure eliminates the need for a Board of Trustees/Directors and eliminates the need for tedious reporting and extreme government oversight – providing freedom and support of your personal cause, and expression of your religious/political views. This structure also adds a veil of protection for assets, and qualifies for some property tax exemptions. In short, enjoy the benefits of utilizing a charitable organization without the restrictions that come with government-directed, non-profit organizations.

Trust Overview

The Spendthrift Trust was originally designed to protect the family fortune from the reckless spending of an irresponsible Beneficiary. Today, it is used as an effective estate/financial planning tools that offers protection from lawsuits, creditors, divorce, and/or probate. What makes it unique are the provisions that work together to ensure the utmost levels of privacy, protection, and reduction of taxes: Spendthrift, Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Complex, and Discretionary. Using this structure, Trustees can ensure proper guidelines and to prevent penetration of the corpus, ensure assets are not handled irresponsibly, and make complex financial decisions for the Trust, including the distribution of funds to or on behalf of beneficiaries but not directly to their creditors. The Spendthrift Trust is a legal, financial strategy with provisions that protect the wealth of families for generations to come.


Provides a SHIELD against personal liability through protection from lawsuits, creditors, and against loss of real property to eminent domain and ensures SECRACY - as the Trust is a private entity with a confidential record-keeping system. Enhances SAVINGS by bypassing the probate process and eliminating associated fees and inheritance taxes, eliminating capital gains taxation, and deferring tax on extraordinary/stock dividends.

Trust overview by Cedric Brown, TrustUp

Single Trust Setup Service Fee - $15,000

Only $10,000 for each additional Trust you’d like to purchase!

Interested in moving forward? Have other questions and would like a consultation?

$100 refundable deposit

If you change your mind after the consultation, your $100 deposit will be refunded. If you purchase the Trust Program, the amount will be credited to your purchase amount.
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